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Dissecting the cyber extortion scheme run by aka Mediolex

Thanks to the former employee of Mediolex, we’re now exploring the entire database and mailbox of, and we have found dozens of cases of cyber extortion. Blatant blackmail. In fact, it’s a criminal enterprise and we’re on our way to prove it. Here are some of the startling cyber extortion incidents we found.


Case 1- Netcom Training Solutions –

In 2012, compalintsboard content writers planted a series of fake complaints on Netcom Training Solutions. They then managed to rank it on Google which was damaging to the company’s reputation and business. They contacted to verify the information and take necessary action –




Complaintsboard knew they have their victim right where they wanted them to be. So they applied the usual bait-and-switch tactics –





The company retaliated with an reasonable suggestion




Complaintsboard immediately started to flood the complaints with more planted fake comments…and it worked.





Once a victim pays, he/she remains a victim throughout. Complaintsboard plants new complaints after every few months/years and makes the company pay again. And again. And again. Like here –




This is just one example. There are HUNDREDS of such cases we’ve documented. There are cases where attorney’s are offering bribe and colluding with these websites to skim their clients. There are many examples of law-firms and attorneys playing with their client’s reputation. In the next few days, we’ll publish emails from Erik Syverson, Aaron Kelly, Aaron Minc and many more. We’ll be contacting the relevant authorities and inform them of their complicity. These people must be debarred !!

As you can see here, we would over 700 extortion attempts in the mailbox. There would be 2-3 times more at , something which the authorities must check using a subpoena.



These extortion incidents amount to over 1.4 Million USD. That these are just the ones we uncovered.

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