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Exposing Scott Breitenstein

One of the most hated person in the entire USA – Scott Breitenstein, is a sleazy and dirty scammer. Under the guise of free-speech complaint sites, he runs an elaborate extortion racket spanning several DOZEN websites.

Scott Breitenstein is the definition of a dirtbag, and we’ll expose his entire operation today

For the sole purpose of singling this Scott, here it his address-

22 w mumma ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45405


How does he receive payment ?


Through WesternUnion, sent to (we;re watching you Ronald) –


Ronald L. Cahill
1904 North Main Street.
Dayton, OH

His Extortion Setup –



His other sites under development



Here is what the media says about him

Scott Breitenstein has been called an “internet terrorist,” “the worst man on the internet,” and worse. His work has left behind an Everest-size pile of broken relationships, destroyed reputations, and ruined lives.

“When I started seeing the money come in, I was like, ‘Wow, I don’t even have to work anymore,’” Breitenstein said.

For Breitenstein, the potential reward of distributing revenge porn was worth the risks. So he created a new section of the site to house these posts, called “Revenge Lovers.” And he watched the clicks roll in.

Here’s a story about a young woman whose nude photos were leaked to ComplaintsBureau by her ex-boyfriend. The woman, Breitenstein said, had attempted to get the post taken down. But ComplaintsBureau’s contact form was broken, and he never received the messages. The embarrassment over her revenge porn caused the woman to spiral into a depression, and she ultimately committed suicide.



THE man labelled “the worst man on the internet”, has found a vile new hunting ground.

Revenge porn king Scott Breitenstein — the man whose websites left a trail of broken relationships and reputations in their wake — now allegedly labels innocent people as paedophiles on his website

One California family man, has been pushed to the brink of despair.

“I Googled myself recently. The number one search result under my name is a posting on,” the man, who wants to preserve anything that is left of his anonymity, says.

“It claims I’m a sexual predator, a rapist, and that men, boys, and grandpas should watch out for me.

“And because there’s a photo of me in the posting, I lost my job and it’s caused irreparable damage to my reputation and my family.



Shady Customer Complaint Site Charges $10,900 For Attempted Removals Of Negative Reviews

Between the fake rep names, the fake reviews, the revenge porn-esque “STD Carrier” tag and its own bogus legal threats/defenses (see also: the Dayton, OH-located Breitenstein pretending to be a French company in response to a takedown request), ComplaintsBureau is a disaster masquerading as a consumer’s champion. There’s a lot of shadiness here, including its $10,900 non-disparagement fee that has very little to do with disparagement and everything to do with heading off people who might have legitimate removal requests. To top things off, ComplaintsBureau claims to be owned by “Vestron Video Media,” a defunct home video distributor that ceased operations more than 20 years ago.



His other businesses



His partner in crime is Preston Lawson who lives at –
3508 Le Juene Drive in
Dayton, OH 45405
his number is (937)830-0377


Preston E Lawson of Dayton, OH. He is working with Scott Breitenstein and LaTasha Breitenstein, Dayton OH.


His old business –
Prints Photography Gloss
Gloss Prints Photography
22 WEST MUMMA AVE, DAYTON ,Ohio – 45405 , United States
Phone: +1.9373013962


So what we’re going to do now ?

We’re going to keep an eye on his website, and maintain an archive. Then we’re going to list the ‘complaints’ that have mysteriously disappeared  (Cyber Extortion). We’re then going to re-publish those complaints on over a dozen websites. Yes we will !

So why are we punishing the so-called victims ? Unless they stop paying this scammer and opt for a legal recourse, this extortion racket will never end. We are targeting the source of funding for Scott. We cut off his funds, we stop his operations.

So Scott, welcome to the jungle !



8 Responses to :
Exposing Scott Breitenstein

  1. Mark5945 says:

    This is a Fraud website and devoted solely to BLACKMAIL. There are no real predators on the site at all. Simply, people, they post lies about in hopes they will be paid for removal. Extortion! This fake website posts lies about people for cash to be removed. Its nothing but a Extortion SCAM. Sad part is i had to pay this asshole 2000.00 to get my self removed from his fake site then 3 weeks later i had to pay out 2000.00 to get removed from his other scam site called…They our using Google Wallet for payment. i dont see where i can upload this receipt to this site to show proof.

  2. Admin says:

    Hello Mark5945,

    We do not blackmail, we do not accept any type of payment.
    We have alerts stated on our website.
    All people posted on our website have been captured in our stings and we have all the proof needed.
    We do blur out information to prevent harassment or “scammers” contacting the people listed on our website.
    We have been capturing sexual predators online for many years and have assisted in many arrest.
    Law enforcement visit our website daily and when they start their own legal investigation we always assist them.

    Profile removals are completely up to our discretion, with the only exception being a request from a law enforcement agency’s request and upon confirmation of an ongoing investigation sent to us via e-mail from an official law enforcement e-mail address.

    All persons on the website have been captured by our field agents.

    1. Bradley Jones says:

      that is the biggest bunch of garbage and lies I have ever read. These are total scam websites with no true info. Blackmail and extortion devoted sites. don’t believe any of the trash above. real low life losers.

  3. I couldn t help but feel when looking at pictures of Scott Breitenstein who looks a bit like Trump minion Steve Bannon that this could be a powerful political tool in the wrong hands.

    1. Steve Bloom says:

      These scumbags could also be working for a wing of Bannon’s troll machine.

  4. Joe says:

    Scott and his wife Tasha are the definition of White Trash. These two Receive Social Security checks and Food Stamps while earning income off these sites that goes unreported. That currently live on Bidelman in Dayton Ohio 45410

  5. BarbaraZ says:

    Scott Breitenstein is a convicted child molester. That is a fact! He was arrested and convicted of sexual misconduct with a friend of his sons back in 2011. He served two years. Not near enough. Now he operates fake websites claiming innocent people are predators, I guess to cover for himself since he truly is one and i’m sure always will be a child predator. he does this all as guise and a blackmail scheme. This is a very, very sick individual. We can only hope he gets put away for good as i am certain he has current victims unfortunately.

  6. Steve Bloom says:

    Maybe one day one of their victims will find out that they have a terminal illness and will go to Dayton and kill off these scamming losers without any worries of being prosecuted. or maybe Scotts kids will figure out what he does to them with Preston isn’t supposed to happen and maybe they’ll off them and rid the world of the scum that terrorizes innocent people on the internet.

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