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Latasha Breitenstein

Name – Latasha Breitenstein

Relationship – Relative / Wife

Bio – Latasha is a housewife. She has earned enough by extorting people our of their hard earned money at She has 2 kids, Justin and Scott. She’s married to Scott Allen, but we already know who that is, don’t we ?

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The following individual/company has been found associated with the website and it’s owner Scott Breitenstein.

Latasha Breitenstein can be seen in the friends list in Scott’s Facebook account. She proudly states her association with his complaint sites.

You can’t keep a clean reputation hanging out with messy people

In case you are wondering what is and/or who is Scott Breitenstein, please read below –

One of the most hated person in the entire USA – Scott Breitenstein, is a sleazy and dirty scammer. Under the guise of free-speech complaint sites, he runs an elaborate extortion racket spanning several DOZEN websites.  Scott Breitenstein has been called an “internet terrorist,” “the worst man on the internet,” and worse. His work has left behind an Everest-size pile of broken relationships, destroyed reputations, and ruined lives.

The intent of this information is to get an insight into how these extortionists deal in their public and social life. On a purely experimental basis, we would like to put forward the following questions –

  • How would the owner of , Ray Donovan feel if only a hundred people affected by his cowardly extortion scam was to find this information, use their imagination and plaster hurtful, defamatory, untruthful and humiliating content targeting Mr Simon Cowell, your friend, on dozens of websites NOT IN YOUR CONTROL?
  • Hypothetically, if the above were to happen, will Ray Donovan still stand by his modus operandi which is now hurting his own friends, and especially when he might be the reason ? Even though we might not agree with this approach, some would consider this as payback, and an effective way to send a message to these extortionists.
  • These extortionists hide behind vulnerabilities in law, and do NOT care about ethics and morals. So, why should we? Legally, we have all the rights to publish facts and opinions. Legally, we are not obliged to remove anything from this website. We are not defaming anyone. However, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for anyone who might use the information, in anger, and posts anything on any other website. Therefore, we must publish this disclaimer requesting you to consider the information and opinion published here purely for educational and informative purpose only.

We are strongly against any act of using this information to post anything illegal, defamatory and hurtful online, and will not be held responsible for the same. We already know how much that hurts.

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Latasha Breitenstein

  1. The Breitenstein’s are the true Scum Of The Earth. I don’t wish bad on anyone… except these lowlifes. The world would be a better place with out trash like them!

  2. tony c. says:

    You know there is inner beauty and outer beauty. Some people have both, But Latasha and Scott have got to be two of the grossest looking people i have ever seen. Inside and out! A match made in hell! Two awful and despicable parasites. I was going to say human beings, but i cant put them in that category. Parasites seems very accurate.

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