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Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge !

It is all about wanting to get revenge. Pathetic, really, but it still is the motivation.

Our goal is to expose, fight, rattle and destroy cyber extortion industry. These people have blood on their hands. They’ve destroyed relationships, lives, careers and reputations to satisfy their greed and ego. No, they’re no good Samaritans doing a favor to the society, nor they are champions of free speech. They’re just petulant greedy bastards who’d run over their mom for a bunch of cash. They’re a bunch of cowards living in their mom’s basement, masquerading as internet warriors of sort.

In reality, they run zero-credibility complaint and personal dirt websites where they identity and target vulnerable people. They publish damaging stories, media or digital past and then extort money from their victims to remove their content. They hide behind liberal laws meant for genuine causes. These assholes do more damage to free speech and the legal apparatus than most cyber criminals would do in a lifetime.

It’s time for payback ! At, we’ll do unto them what they did unto all of us. They ran anonymous complaint sites featuring every Tom, Dick and Harry. They hid behind laws and a team of lawyers. They thought that cyber intelligence is their bastion and no one else has the brains and balls to do anything to them.

At, we’ll expose these pricks. We’ll tell you who runs these extortion-schemes, their modus operandi, their finances, their associates. We’ll list all their friends, families. Hell, we’ll even tell you their cat’s name. We’ll reveal the identity of their dog walker. We’ll tell you every little detail.

Then you can do what you want to do with this information. We take no liability or responsibility, and for law purpose, we strongly request you to exercise caution. However, if an angry victim who’s life was turned upside down by these criminals decide to start publishing dozens of critical reviews on anyone associated with these websites, please know that it wasn’t us. It was probably someone named ‘Karma’.

We have a ton of documents and evidence gathered since past year or so. We’ll start publishing them now. If you have something to share, you can email us at . Let the game begin !

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Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge !

  1. Chris Hein says:

    I was just recently victimized by a Skype escapade. The usual story. Got lured from ashleymadison on to Skype. Eventually did a mutual webcam sexual fun. Then the demand for cash came. She had recorded the session and got into my Facebook (which should have been private). If I didn’t pay it would spread to everyone on Facebook.

    I confessed to the mrs what I did. Deactivated everything and informed the police. I feel like a fucking idiot.

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